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4. Purpose

https://titangelgold.store aims to provide the visitor information on products in the broadest sense. On the products offered by https://titangelgold.store the terms of https://titangelgold.store are applicable. The products and services offered by partners of https://titangelgold.store Partner Program in the shop of https://titangelgold.store and (partly) on websites are the Conditions of the relevant partner usually also apply. When ordering combined packages viatitangelgold.store the terms of https://titangelgold.store or its partners combined are applicable, depending on the part supplied by https://titangelgold.store or her partner of the package. titangelgold.store strives to provide correct information but does not guarantee that the information provided is correct or up to date. Although titangelgold.store has compiled the information on the website of titangelgold.store with utmost care and does its utmost to keep this information as accurate as possible, current and complete, no rights can be derived from this information.

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